Thursday, January 5, 2012

Start This Again

The start of the year came with an assortment of music ensuring a bright 2012. Dwelling of Duels ushered in a battle between Nintendo and Sega: participate could choose to remix game music from either company for the round in time for a listening party at MAGFest. The turnout totaled twenty-five and leaned more toward Nintendo in amount. This past week also brought in another round of the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet. The source selected was the Wily Stage 2 theme from Mega Man 9, and a total nine entries were submitted.

JHCompo on Tuesday occurred on the cusp of MAG festivities, as particularity evident by the elation of the entrants. I chose “Rescue” for the theme, leaving it open for super-heroism if the composers saw fit. cjthemusicdude followed my brief narration with synth-hop piece of his own, citing busyness for the shortness. Jakesnke17 experimented by creating a solo piano composition, much to the surprise and delight of the listeners that night. MandraSigma described his entry as more embarrassing than his pop song “Peace”; in “Awkward Hero of Old” a thin voice yelps “I'll save you... Or whatever. nikola embarked “On an Adventurous Mission” sailing the seas to rescue a damsel with the help of woodwinds.
coda’s track comes off a cross between Superman and Indiana Jones with a majestic flair of orchestral brass. Evil Shrubbery melted synth bass with guitar shreds, and coincidentally ended with a speed up as coda did. Newcomer Argh! admitted to copying and pasting much of his electronic track, taking advantage of the established groove. SonicThHedgog took a page out of Daft Punk’s book by submitting a pounding house track with Moog riffs. Finally Kay Faraday did his best to salvage his “Sinking Ship” but nevertheless put up his synth-laden tune before it sank. 

Thursday’s OHC followed up on "The Finale" theme of previous week with "New Beginning". dusthillguy made a quick entry due to setbacks, but managed to put out his distinctive style of quirky instruments. JackShine marked his new beginning by way of supersaws that sound like bells and constant arpeggio. Scootabag was asked in the listening party whether name referred to a "bag of scoots"; his answer came in the form of a flower encoded in 8-bit. elsalluz uploaded a Wild Arms WIP described by the party as "organy" and it began, then opens up to an orchestral arrangement.  

sci's cryptic description set the mood for this warm, slightly detuned instruments. djtuBIG-MaliceX gave up on the idea of a new beginning and declare "There is no change' accompanied by loungy drums and heavily reverberated keyboard. Arcana put a timer on his start to a new way of life, scoring a lush soundscape punctuated by pizzicato strings. CJthemusicdude suffered another pitfall as his creativity was sapped, thus settling on trance. DDRKirby(ISQ) fired off a blast of chips that rocked the dance floor and took to ambiance in the same track.

Forty-Two washed ashore with flutes and percussion instruments and remarked "I dunno", perhaps echoing the opening scene of Inception. td244 wrote a somber piano-centric piece and ushered readers of his description to go on. Acuity was at an airport due to a delay on his flight, and took the moment to server up some blips with punchy drums that come in halfway through. Jakesnke17 made another go at the ivories, this time joined with strings, oboe and brass. At the end of the night munchi fought the boss, and ran out of quarters as the "Continue" music reared its head.

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