Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lick Doo

People’s Remixing Competition 210 yet again featured two source selections for participants to tackle. They came from competing consoles: The Mantra theme comes from Faxanadu, an NES title, while Dessert Factory is from Castle of Illusion on the Sega Master System. DjMokram brought out more electro to experiment with for his take on Mantra, which takes on a dark tone and brief rides an accented beat. evktalo remixed Desert Factory with the aid of Pleiade with a tripped out hip hop style with a series of distorted effects. Zerothemaster made his first full song in FL Studio and worked out a lo-fi arrangement that opens up to a session of hard unt-tiss. chroxic rounded things out with an attempt at gabber that comes off as four-on-the-floor with an occasional jump in tempo. 

JHCompo on Tuesday benefitted from the infusion of Luelinks forum regulars who discovered the SolidComposer system; the LLCompo Battle 1 had reached a turnout of nearly 30 entries the previous Sunday. For the JHCompo the theme dealt the stun of a “Heavy Hit” which the participant would have to recover from. MandraSigma got the “Wind Knocked Out” of him, which led to his foray into stomping buzz and synth with a touch of spoken word. Tomapella mellowed out at the thought of continuing in his bruised state, offering a loungey jazz tune and plenty of muted trumpet with sax. rwarman007 started off with a stirring chord of strings as a ebb of piano comes to the forefront alongside an industrial soundscape. Darangen successfully salvaged his rock tune after a DAW crash, ensuring that his shreds could be heard throughout the internet. SherwinBoshi’s entry seems to share elements of electrofunk and dubstep covered in crunky rap phrases.  

dusthillguy delivered a PowerPoint presentation of nostalgic sounds and a final, guttural exclamation. liquid wind broke out the tribal drums for a low-slung rhythm interspersed with piano and electronic riffs. Jarski sent out an entry made in sixty minutes of the compo, promptly shaking the listening party into a head-bobbing state. Kay Faraday urged to fight back, pressing the point using arpeggios of unusual meter, sliding melodic lines and organ. housethegrate submitted some 5/4 of his own in the form of funk rock that settles into 4/4 for the finish. maghikal ushered in waves of pads eventually joined by spaced out snare accents and an ending that cuts off. mu apparently put a glitched out ringtone to an acoustic beat when he made his visit to a “strange tree”. At the end of the listening party SonicThHedgog hurried to get quarters before the “Continue” screen went out, and someone uploaded a Kyuss song from 1994

Thursday’s OHC felt like a rush for the entrants, or at least a long list of puns based on "The Rush" theme. BrandonS admitted to forgetting about the compo, but fittingly rushed out a quick bit of guitarist. starla unwittingly collaborating with DDRKirbyISQ as meshed her track from last week into a new arrangement. Acuity was high on coffee beans as he worked on his track and rose his BooBass to unprecedented heights. Suzumebachi eased back as his broadband allowed him post a meme image and produce his dance music well within the deadline. JackShine's pounding piano tone leads to a flourish of lines and sonorites. Obtuse continued his Famitracker phase and bookended his track with vocal samples indicating the start of a race. Fusion2004 caused everyone to lose the game with his buzzy bass, trance-rhythm chords and gradually speeding tempo. Flaedr had a lot on his plate during the hour and thus only had time for 20 seconds of piano followed by a glowstick-friendly remainder. 

Shael Riley paid a visit with a chip composition that I swore I'd heard before in a keygen, not that I would ever use such a thing. sci cranked up the tempo on his lo-bit stylings, unwilling to transport the pace to its destination. CJthemusicdude incorporated elements of two artists of the arrangement community, Jarski and zircon, just cuz he could. isidor3 debuted on OHC primarily through his guitar and his sample drums including "Lots 'o' Flange". Forty-Two set up sparse ambiance punctuated by bells and flute and ultimately a flurry of hi-hats. DDRKirby(ISQ)'s entry proper featured chiptune soundscapes produced not in Famitracker but in his humble compo of FL Studio. Rayza sampled Alice in Wonderland and ran through the city to a frantic beat as he checked his pocket watch. Arcana ventured in hyperspeed with his characteristically slanted drum intonation and extended synth solos.

Bren's majestic horns gave way to his sequenced guitar-like leads and ear-catching chord progressions. Shadix scored an episode of "To Catch a Predator" complete with siren-filled dance interlude and a passing airplane. Hapi-San raised the tension with frenetic percussion and repeating motifs for the daily commute. HarryNilsson'sGhost decided to cook a casserole instead of participating the compo, but soon became worried that he would be left out and thus wrote a tune about the whole ordeal. jarski felt he lacked time but nevertheless pushed out a pulsing track with flares of brass. starla continued her return to compotune creating by submitting an overdriven set of lyrics and touches of harpsichords. munchi interpret the rarely-spoken aftermath of Super Mario's death as the plumber dash upward to the pearly gates. Finally MandraSigma danced and gasped along a gauntlet of kicks and snares and didn't slow down.

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