Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Without Autotune

On the cusp of SOPA-related Internet blackouts, JHCompo on Tuesday brought everyone involved to a higher plane of existence with its “Meditation” theme. Newcomer davidisaaclewis went right to work building ambient howls indicating the utterances of a monk. Obtuse launched an 8-bit excursion given away by its rigorously conformed waveform shown on the SolidComposer page. jesm04 explained that his trip hop track “Drown” symbolizes the immersion he associates with a  meditate state. MandraSigma’s vocoder expressed “I Am Thinking” along with rapid stuttering bongos and a burst of gain. WVI took my vocal narration style to X-rated territory for his entry, but exported it as a nearly-inaudible recording. 

housethegrate’s laidback blues rock was a natural fit for the theme, and thus was of “The Watercourse Mind”. B-Type made a rare appearance and preceded his rap with a film clip that he admittedly squandered time searching for. coda perhaps reached the zenith of dog-named compositions with his arp-filled “doga”, a contraction of dog and yoga. liikwiid pondered the place in the middle of sleep and awake via a drone sprinkled with sharp, delayed strums. zebra made use of silences punctuated by metallic groan as he ventured to find “illumination”. irrelevnt wish for a new computer, but nevertheless resonated with friends of wood and various guitar sounds. MaxVdub plugged in his Rhodes and worked out a pop song that moves into a faster rockier section about “Deliberating”. 

ProjektZero returned offering an entry featuring multiple movement culminating in admission that he “Can’t make you go away…” Shadix put up a pastiche with his “Intermediate Metroid” sending off waves of granulation that lead to a wall of tribal thuds and piano. Kay Faraday channeled his inner guru by way of sitar and a formant synth emulating the sonorous wailing of a Middle Eastern singer. SonicThHedgog took the “Longest Shortcut” by first laying thick keyboard chords and then wubbing away to a beat and throwing in random shreds. Coming in late to the party was mu who created a moody electro piece pulsing along with guitar riffs before fading out.

Thursday’s OHC pitched its theme with grand verbosity summing up with the phrase "What once was great is now gone." Following my "Once Great Introduction", dusthillguy deftly noodled some chords and melodic lines, possibly whilst cocking his guitar in different directions. Obtuse summoned his inner funkateer and made the listening party bounce thanks to his basslines and violin sections. JackShine used piano to convey the fall of Icarus, and used the moment to announce his compo hiatus. zorg whipped together a quick foray into electric riffing due to the purported pain of handling instruments. trenthian's organ and guitar layered together with strings and steady drums coupled with cat meows. 

Forty-Two's entry is probably what harmonious phones would sound like guided under pads and the occasional distant bell. elsalluz showed off the result of his musical studies with theoretical breakdown of his arpeggio'd composition. Fusion2004's entry drew comparisons to The Sims, with a discussion that led to the nonsequitur "sandwich house". Arcana at one point confessed that he randomly pressed button while he made his slow tempo track deciding "To Go Out with a Whimper". sci made a brief track, seemingly drained by an unseen force but still displaying his distinctive style. Inevitably, an anti-SOPA message came about from ignious64 in the form of a song created in FL studio. 

DDRKirby(ISQ) had such a positive response to his electronic track that a listener beckoned him to inquire about joining the MAGFest XI performer lineup. BrownPony explored "the past" with an incomplete yet moving series of synth staccatos. Zovi ran into a problem with the upload size limit, but display his dissonance and irregular meter through an external link. BrandonS reminded people that Bill Cosby is still alive, using clips of him coupled with Brandon's layered work and additional vocoder. Acuity's delay-piano set the mood for a session of glitch-hop underscored by synth buzz and danciness. Flaedr made a straightforward piece and referenced the previous "fzfzfz" theme in the process. 

Hapi-San's orchestral tune supports the concept of being uplifted, and later the weight of being let down. munchi snatch an older coda entry and incorporated into his work, but not before shortening it. scibot9000 put down some glitch effects, possibly due to erratic programming. LuketheXjesse's "Angel of Death" is fittingly a cover of the Slayer song "Angel of Death", forgoing vocals in Luke's version. After a lengthy hiatus and a few near-attempts, the compo organizer starla submitted a song; a piano-backed ballad topped with her reputable vocals. MandraSigma sent an astronaut to the lunar surface using frantic e-funk laced with samples of himself singing. At the end of the listening party there appeared moremunchi offering a practice session of rushing sweeps.

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