Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's All

OLRmageddon LV ushered in the winter season using a “snow and ice” theme. Entrants had the option of remixing games that featured a snow or ice level theme. For bonus points, one could also include a live recorded element. One entrant took his clarinet and turned a Mario Kart: Super Circuit tune into a mildly discordant romp that fades out in the midst of woodwind screeches. In “Clowns” a Sonic 3D Blast track is reconstituted into a mostly unrecognizable form with the subliminal message “I will win this contest”.

Jildon channeled his inner Beatdrop for his take on Ice Cap Zone that pounds the dancefloor for three minutes. A Mega Max X track was strummed along with vocals in something resembling a rhythm under the name “My Heart Is an Icy Land”. Donkey Kong Country 3 underwent a surf rock transformation under the well thought out title “Skidda’s Skid Marks”. Perhaps a more direct title came out of a remix of Donkey Kong Country 2 called “Winter’s Cold”, delivering the message with over-compressed electro.

JHCompo on Tuesday similarly brought the participants into the realm of the cold, offering “Warmth” as a theme to remedy the situation. SonicThHedgog apparently decided to upload a song by “Jefferson ft Aires” instead of creating an entry, giving a “marry christmas” with autotuned rap. Maraki made an unusual heart[h] pun for his ambient take on the theme incorporating glass bells and sax. “For Warmth” MandraSigma performed his standup routine gaining enthusiasm from a canned crowd. Duosis cut up a sample and worked in into a funk beat with alternating hi-hat patterns in “I’m Ever Cold”. liquid wind also brought in bells for his tale of prehistoric men huddled around a fire. 

nikola cranked up his Game Boy for an 8-bit cover of Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” to warm the listening party. Shadix initiated a “Fire Dance” declaring that he needed more timber as burning crackles permeated his entry. swordofdestiny returned to JHCompo with a quick, fanciful dance track that he described as “stupidly happy house”. jophish attenuated his warm synths for his composition full of “Color” and bloops. Kay Faraday took his piano and oboe and riffed out a brief entry to make his “Return to the World in My Dreams”. Rounding out the entries with a late upload was housethegrate, who served out mellow funk rock to heat up the night.

Thursday’s OHC seemingly had no theme as the round began, although this was remedied in a few minutes as "The Big Finale" was set in place. My introduction included a clip of the singer Annette Hanshaw saying "That's all," a signature ending of her recordings. CJthemusicdude's entry consisted of rhythmic chords that lead to two uncredited music segments. MandraSigma declared that "Gobbler's gettin' terminated..." as he makes the hunt for wild turkey. nikola majestically made his exit among brass and orchestral percussion fitting for "An Outroduction". 

JackShine submitted his first OHC track in under the space of fifteen seconds of vocal utterings. elsalluz returned to compo with perhaps his most ornate composition yet, displaying his tribal "Coconuts" with pride. Forty-Two showed off his chilled pop music containing a central synth arp and peripheral harmonies. DDRKirby(ISQ) harkened back the round's "Theme is TBD" roots by traveling to a place "No one knows!" other than a familiar chippy off-road. While also serving as backup organizer for OHC, Fusion2004 composed a vibraphone tune that opens up to an orchestra and a fair amount of blips.  

BrownPony carried the bleeping over to his own track and verified its functionality with a "Hello world!" Foozogz promptly made the dance floor collapse with a final boss encounter with no regard for mastering. sci apparently had the theme of JHCompo in mind when he decided to start a campfire, and wrote his ambient piece accordingly. Zovi on the other hand disregarded any adherence to theme, and simply made a beat he could jam to. munchi put up a practice run he made prior to the round, while Duosis wrapped things up by slicing a horn-filled riff as the "End Credits" rolled.

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