Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everyone Knows It's Windy

People’s Remixing Competition 208 marked the eighth anniversary of PRC, and with it a free round. Participants were free to arrange any video game tune not covered on OverClocked ReMix, with particular emphasis on the Warlords III source material that had been neglected in PRC207. sggod89 chose to remix Killer Instinct in a heavier guitar-laden style complete with his gritty vocals. chroxic took a Kirby 64 tune and gave it the dancefloor treatment, titling his work “Kirby Benassi” due to its bass sound. marcusg’s “Kirby Save Hut” slid around for a session of slick electro before he left for vacation.  

Binweasel combined Codename: Iceman with Phoenix Wright and Battlefield 1942 for an audacious mashup transposing the all the material to the same key. DjMokram was the only one to tackle Warlords III, and he did so by working it into a more cinematic, percussive piece incorporating a variety of styles. Finally evktalo elected to remix Death Track by replacing the jazzy noir vibe with electronic bass and Rhodes piano. 

JHCompo on Tuesday dealt with affection in all its forms, with a theme “About Love”. After my opening narration, nikola professed his love for 8-bit video game music and LSDJ. Under the clever alias "fibre", fivre sneaked in a bit of punk rock from the Kids film soundtrack. Duosis chopped up an orchestra-hit and layered in acid bass along with some funk drum loops to express hate. coda walked in an e-piano wonderland with warm synths evoking the love of nostalgia. Andy Kelley opted to go for seriousness with moody electro with a chintzy sliding lead. housethegrate returned to celebrate the holiday season using piano octave riffs, arps and a bevy of guitars. 

Kay Faraday activated his “Kawaii Love Robot 3000” for an efficient, bouncy series of sensations. Maraki plugged in for an ambient session of strumming and plucking in the desolate sound field. SonicThHedgog rode off on a yellow creature that was confirmed to not be equine, but nevertheless speedy. MandraSigma built levels of keyboard riff, and then settled on a hip hop beat with an unexpected verse of rapping. At the end of the listening party, Evil Shrubbery wubbed briefly with some sporadic drums and an untz outro.

Thursday’s OHC featured "Howling Wind", which I replicated with the sounds of my mouth. After my uncanny sound effect, DDRKirby(ISQ) detailed the harrowing experience of the "Cave Wind" by way of compressed drums and lo-bit riffs. nikola perhaps picked up on the 8-bit and submitted some chip music of his own, at a speedy pace. Draconiator returned for compo with thudding trance, wondering if some cobwebs had accumulated in his absence. dusthillguy needed to download more RAM, but nevertheless uploaded a brief entry in his unique style with samples of my voice. Scootabag provided somber acoustic guitaring to signal the onset of "Sunset Winds".

Obtuse crashed onto the scene with a wall of white noise and made use of Famitracker for the night. Flik came out of OHC retirement clutching his sitar, ethnic percussion and itchy throat. Bartekko altered a cliche to create his song title, and brought in oon-tiss to compensate. Shadix sequenced a piano composition for "Wind Town" and provided an adequate explanation for why starla was away for the round. LyokoFreaks worked his guitar along several chords before a searing lead comes in over a bed of hiss. MandraSigma offered a spastic tune incorporating pitch vocal sounds rising from the "Ashes in the Wind".

Forty-Two's choir pads bring to mind rubbed wine glasses as the harmonies elevate through time. DDRKirbyISQ uploaded the second of his two entries for the round, a field recording that falls away in favor of delay-piano, incisive synth patterns, and pounding beats. sci's piece is covered in a glaze of compression and breakbeat, topped with hints of singing. Acuity served up a dissonant beginning filled with wind chimes, and then switches to a vgm selection of instruments propelled by thick drums. munchi wrapped things up with by wandering drunkenly through a bunch of glitches, perhaps hitting the eggnog too early.

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