Friday, December 9, 2011

Compo Harder

Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet’s fifth round resulted in twelve entries containing a variety of styles. The theme chosen was of Wily Tower 2 from Mega Man 8. A small debate also brewed over Ben Brigg's team being designated as "The Mega Ballers" instead "The Hard Men". DarkSword, in typical fashion, corrected the name and obfuscated further conflict. The Soundevotion Competition also reached the end of round 62 after suffering a delay due to bugs. Despite the glitch issues, eleven tracks were uploaded before the deadline.

JHCompo on Tuesday had a humble turnout based on its “Shark Waters” theme. coda made the unusual move of not referencing a dog in his track title, opting for a fanciful tune reflecting his “shark friend”. Torzelan pulled out his e-rock riffs as became one with nature for “Dancing with Fishes X”. Newcomer rkmusic suffered a crash or two, but came through with a sweeping cinematic piece. SonicThHedgog beamed with pride at the fact that he “I escapez shark in liek few level WOO!” using layered guitars, topped with some strings and switching to a slower electro beat. Finally MandraSigma picked up coda’s slack by naming his entry “dogfish” and submitting mellow funk.

Thursday’s OHC raised the question "Of What Remains" 10,000 years into the future. Following my vocal introduction, MandraSigma offered an answer in the form of "industrial old growth" replacing the Earth's vegetation with endless fields of un-tiss. Scootabag wondered who really won after the dust settled, starting off with reflective strings before venturing in to wub-wub bass. LuketheXjesse made a rare OHC appearance and put up metallic riffs whilst wondering how the compo regulars got so good since the last time he entered. CJthemusicdude played around with automation and a hammering beat, ending with fading delay. Fusion2004 established his chord progression early on with searing lead, and then settled into pads and soloing for the duration.  

Bren warned of the hodgepodgery of his composition, but pulled through with his distinctive collection of synthesizers. Acuity shook the dancefloor for an esoteric look at the distant future, pausing momentarily for a piano and organ session. sci unearthed "the last surviving compo entry" awash in white noise and cracking, but addible enough to discern tickled ivories and a repeating word. Forty-Two was concerned about the issue of being "On Your Own" by way of plinking keys and sustained chords. General Mumble insisted that the year 12,011 will consist of a four-letter word being pitch-shifted to resemble the Windmill Hut theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  

Arcana's track brought to mind SimCity during the listening party, as well as traces of Ice Cap Zone topped with untz. DDRKirby(ISQ) discussed the remaining robots look over the settlement of dust, and sent along heavily affected lo-fi dance music. replacer collaborated with stablefree for a jovial session of electronic, shrugging of the quick piece with a "Whatever". Hapi-San imagined the BBC News Theme in the far-off future surrounded by lush nature sounds and trance. munchi's echoing bursts of synth are guided along with piano arpeggios and a spaced out snare. Finally Duosis altered a cha-cha clip for a minimal headbobbing tune with choir and acid bass. 

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