Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moisture Is the Essence

People’s Remixing Competition 212 brought potential entrants over to the Badlands of Digimon World 3. The source material was selected by Hakstock, the winner of the previous round who considered the game to be one his favorite soundtracks. The tune glides along its 3/4 time signature with an assortment of synths suggesting an orchestral assortment. The only entry to come out of that round was submitted by sggod89, who readily built a metal arrangement of moody soundscapes

LLCompo: Battle 5 featured a theme widely compatible with participants who tend to work with electronic music and digital studio setups: “Outer Space”. Kay Faraday thus put up an introduction narrated by s1rnight and WVI discussing being sent unwillingly to Iran. Jerkwater uploaded a wall of compression transforming the visual waveform into a solid rectangle, and possibly containing a vocal sample. Obtuse’s 8-bit noise rushed in to indicate a passing space vessel for the imaginary game Chimps in Space. MKC encountered a “Nebula” along his trek through the stars, and reported it in his captain’s log as a series of encrypted bloops. Run DMZ cranked out a rocking number channeling his inner Stevie Wonder implementing a heavy amount of low end. Bipolarbear conferred with his first officer about the latter’s uncomfortable experience involving R2-D2 and C3PO. Ananth Ram brought his distinctive processed disco groove to the table, showing that even outer space can be home to house music. WVI used thirty minutes to shake the foundations of LLCompo via hard electro beats. 

rwarman007 back at mission control had launched a new shuttle into orbit, scored with flaring brass and cymbal rolls. Smooth Suck offered a minimal piece including pitched vocals and quirky percussion. PowerFail coupled acoustic drums with wah-wah guitar, slap bass and rapping as he met “The Visitor”. MaxVdub appear with much “Fanfare” and a slow fade in of twangy noodling before the kick and snare came in. WolffCubb called upon the words of Sun Ra and ventured across the galaxy before drifting into nothing. johnny bigoode adjusted his “Strange Balls” to accommodate his lack of stereo output and found solace in transistored funk. zebra seemingly unassuming intro leads right into a wall of psychedelic rhythms in a “vacuum”. mu set the mood with wind chimes, dropping whimsical strings, piano and e-lead into the mix. Saif made everyone feel “Weightless” as he belted out metal lyrics concerning his emotions going supernova. Last but not least was Delphinus wrapping thing up with a hip hop beat, propelled by vocoder reminiscing about times spent back on Earth.
JHCompo on Tuesday asked composers to “Strike a Pose” for a fashion related theme. skyndileg reference both Deadmau5 and Steinbeck, but neglected to explain clearly what his song had to do with fashion. coda forwent his usual dog-themed titles in favor of the direct “dumb title for JH”, a bobbing affair centered on rhytmic piano. Forty-Two’s arpeggios welcomed a mellow tracks and flutes countering each other. chunter presented his poom-ti-pap-ti including a synthesized vocal accompaniment, Momone Momo. liquid wind’s composition title suggests he had a case of the runs that night and quickly put together some wubs in lieu of time. Shadix proclaimed “You Just Gotta Believe” and set out on a runway path of epic rock and lyrics. nysnamovois gradually lifted the lowpass filter on his entry and resumed the fashion show despite a minor breakdown. 

MandraSigma propped his vocal narration onto a “Cake Stand” for a tune that would not be out of place in a Streets of Rage sequel. SonicThHedgog’s title Daft Cocobo Cat Walk pretty much says it all, encompassing all that the current generation admires and stores under YouTube Favorites. Clockwerk pulled out a Zoolander quote and punctuated it with lo-fi braindance. beek urged the listening party to “get greppy” but failed to reveal what getting greppy entailed during his chill track. Kay Faraday worked it with chiptune for Vivienne Westwood Acid fashion show 2012, while Mick Rippon and guest vocalist Joss Ruddy made a fitting end to the party lyricizing about fashion as the only cure.

Thursday’s OHC raised the question of life's worth with its "live like it's your last day" theme. Arcana under the name KittyMeow worked out a 16-bar prelude of un-tiss far in advance of an introduction. RAMPKORV ran along a similar dance path, this time using speech synthesis about love. Arcana under his usual name sent another track to DDRKirby(ISQ) to upload. Obtuse continued on his 8-bit journey stating all that he needs in the final analysis is a pulse kick. dusthillguy decided that my voice was to make an appearance, proceeded by his patented blend of oddball instrument sounds and a guitar session. Kaxon's "Intro" implied the beginning of a majestic quest of some sort, but cut off at 39 seconds. cyrilthewolf returned to OHC for some vocal styling and acoustic strumming eventually joined by a lead. General Mumble walked into a tech-noir club trying to figure out how exactly to go about writing "a deep morning in final reflection". Forty-Two wrote a "Requiem" centered on organ and pads, but opening up to woodwinds and harp.

Acuity made the revelation of inserting his cartridge properly to revel in chip music. mv graced the compo with his presence, viewing his "Last Sunshine" and reflecting on his pianopad joined with violins. Garian stepped up to the mic for some lyrics partially related to the compo, and partially about chicken wings. AutomaticJack starts right off with a crash and stomping snare as he encroached on "The Shadows of Death". A-zu-ra faded in several bass blips followed by sonorities and noise-channel firings. sci did his usual head bobbing thing and layered in some Rhodes for additional texture. DDRKirby(ISQ) launched yet another show stopper covered in enough blurbs to feed a small town. Hapi-San pondered the ramifications of excess bits in such a situation in his "Universal Bit-Rot". SupaSpeedStrut put 30 minutes to use in creating an piece with unusual meter in remembrance of "Lost Souls". Arcana made yet another entry revising his first one with a faster tempo and tweaks.

Fusion2004 wrote his track with pauses possibly indicating dramatic reflection, or perhaps a whim in the midst of writing. MandraSigma's minimal piano lines are fleshed out by mournful vocals and later the influence of electric guitars. starla preceded her entry with her usual self-deprecation, and went on ahead with her overdriven singing and laidback beat. munchi attempted to team up with wriklefree, but the influence of alcohol left it to become an instrumental. Finally Roseweave description of  "Streakanomics" raises more questions than it answers, while the tune itself mostly does the same amongst warbling electronics.

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