Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Is All

LLCompo: Battle 4 helped wake up everyone from the Luelinks community to participate in its “Coffee” theme. The listening party began with soft strings and saxophone narrated by s1rnight suggesting a candlelit evening. That night ended as blink364’s alarm clock sounded, leading to degraded synths and eventually frenetic electro. MaxVdub commented that “coffee makes me poop” to which a listener replied “me too”; Max persevered by way of layered guitar takes and pop lyrics. Ananth Ram recalled a “Coffee Lounge” he once visited, and expressed his reminiscence through a flanged R&B sample. PowerFail consumed coffee for the first time resulting in an extended session of thrashing followed by slightly calmer punk rock and aimless rambling. johnny bigoode offered a chill beat and a sound effect identified by a commenter as possibly being a “bong rip”. tomfrankly felt the pressure building as he belted out rock screams, but paused for a moment as the vocals were impossibly high for him to sing. 

Chase Irwin twanged on his acoustic guitar about his friend Joe, who keeps him alert, focused, and warms him up every day. Maxximum cranked his breakbeat to eleven and hollered into his microphone for some java, to the compliance of his coffee grinder. Bipolarbear worked out some piano chords requesting “Sugar, No Milk” and some handclaps to give the piece more of a human element. LD let in the hiss of his recording space and poured his substance-addled heart into his song. PhantomPeanut pushed out a wall of pulsing electronica with a dramatic silence halfway through. Ian’s appears to go backward and forward simultaneously, rolling a hooky riff in either direction. Raj Flow ordered a “Starbucks Mochachino” filled with autotune and piano pop, promising to go all night and apologizing for the lyrical quality. incorporator uploaded a sparse, minimal track broken up by metallic breathing whilst lamenting his “cold coffee”.

JHCompo on Tuesday acknowledged both Valentine’s Day and the passing of Whitney Houston with a tribute to “The Bodyguard”. Kay Faraday phoned his entry in and said a few words for Whitney in the form of a brief organ-centric synth version of “I Will Always Love You”. rwarman007’s “Guardian Angel” rocked acoustic rhythms and mellow piano including a contemplative breakdown before bringing the bass back in. MaxVdub stole the show by performing an ode to Justin Bieber; Max says that he’d be “made of wood” but breaks his promise not to express his love. liquid wind wrote the score to the film “The Lovinator” with heavy doses of industrial clangs, timpani and violin arpeggios. Finally SonicThHedgog ended the listening party by filtering Beyoncé’s “End of Time” through glitch effects and a coating of dubstep.

Thursday’s OHC brought everyone home again with its "Suburbia" theme, imagining a pristine environment for a spouse and children. Acuity punched in after his commute using a square-wave and let the strings rise as he got to work. Mirby returned after hiatus with a description channeling The Twilight Zone, and thus layered a chilled synth session. diotrans similarly came back after a long absence and wrote a pop ballad detailing the morning routine and frustrations thereof. HarryNilsson'sGhost appeared in the darkness and submitted electrofunk scoring the tension of dodging people on the street. Destroid spoke on behalf of the monsquaz community to pitch a Deven Gallo donation drive via a collaboration album. Forty-Two marveled at the flowers in his "Garden" with dollops of orchestral ambiance. Fusion2004 tuned his guitar and coupled it with vocoder and 8-bit sonorities, declaring himself a supervillain. Hapi-San offered a "Monotonous" entry symbolizing the repeating patterns of suburban life underscored with choir. 

Trancient tried compression for the first time, the result of which is a bright romp through electronics. CJthemusicdude's "Long Live the Compo" appears subdued at first, but then opens up to a wall of ominous beats. dusthillguy uploaded a piece with an uncharacteristically soft first half, but picked up the pace thereafter. sci warned that he would steamroll those in his way during his extreme commuting, evidenced by his harsh dance rhythms. DDRKirby(ISQ) wrote an enigmatic poem for his description, but made up for that by composing a seven minute entry covering the gamut of styles and textures. MandraSigma on the other hand said more with less by typing "GOOD NIGHT" and sequencing a boppy series of piano chords. At the end of the round, munchi's alarm went off along with pizzicato bass as he hurriedly slammed the snooze button and scatted the AM hours away.

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