Friday, May 18, 2012

Hella Good

People’s Remixing Competition 218 had an unexpected explosion of turnout activity compared to previous rounds. This was to the delight of the organizer Bundeslang and of sggod89, who selected Parasite Eve for others to remix. DjMokram expressed his fond memories of the game, and went to work with an electrified take featuring bits of other themes. hoboka made it in by a hair and submitted a mellow, tripped out version. Sir_NutS took a more electro route while PRC newcomer Trism settled on ambience. Meccaneer displayed his nostalgia via a searing piano lead and lo-fi accompaniment, and then sped things up toward the end. Obtuse and Chickenwarlord both chose to go for fast-tempo outing, with the latter entrant also incorporating Aya's theme. Sggod89 wasn’t one to hang back on the source material he picked, so he submitted a bonus entry that sampled a clip from the film Event Horizon.

The Sonic Zone Remix Competition reached the voting stage for round 1 of the Sonic Bracket, and thus unleashed a batch of Sonic the Hedgehog remixes. At 15 entries, the collection of arrangements could serve as an album its own right, and comes with its own artwork. The nearing deadline for the Robotnik Bracket promises just as large a turnout. Over at Dwelling of Duels it was decided to call upon turtle power with TMNT Month. As a bonus, participants could remix a specific few Ninja Turtles themes for a chance to be included in an OverClocked ReMix album: Shell Shocked. Those with the highest ranked entries would go on to be part of the project.

LLCompo: Battle 17 gave a brief shout out to Mother’s Day in the theme description, but plunged ahead into the depths of “The Jungle”. kfaraday’s introduction narrated by WVI wonders why the scenario was chosen, asked that the night be dedicated to dogs instead, and points out that a reading is unneeded when all the entries have already been created. A pair of tracks related to savages took the lead, with Oh Buddism’sCannibalismo” layering various acoustic elements and Delphinus’ having “Dinner with Cannibals” overhearing a conversation about meat. The night also had a fair amount of animal-related songs: PowerFail expressed his “Monkey Trouble” by way of slamming rock riffs while Smooth Suck asked simply “Why did the lion get lost?”

JHCompo on Tuesday dealt with the “Sudden Fame” of being an Internet star. With that in mind, chunter made a funk ballad about “Monsters” neglecting to provide context and thus leaving it open to interpretation. liikwiid also seemed to be puzzled by the theme and went ahead with kalimba experimentation. After a quick intermission by Duosis, the round continued madbrain who went for an eighties television show vibe about “Famous Ghosts”. SonicThHedgog did a quick YouTube search for a guitar solo and delivered upon it with expected wankery. Finally Clockwerk converted fame into “F['n l]ame” for a short but effecting bit of couch electronica.

Thursday’s OHC chose “To hell and back” as its theme, arising suspicion that the organizer was away playing Diablo III during the round; that thought was later confirmed. LOLitslewis started off with a parody of Tenacious D’s song “Tribute”, which itself is a tribute to the greatest song in the world. A2Z preceded his somber track with a laundry list explaining, among other things, that he is out of tomatoes. The entrants came up with a variety of plans to escape hell: seventhelement improvised his way out via endless brooding piano; blastron rode through the air and wrote rock lyrics to that effect; and Arcana simply ran as fast as he could, pushed along by trance. 

TheMisterCat’s song began with a low-key build that eventually leads to a seeming infinite epic chorus. DDRKirby(ISQ) took on a collaborative effort, allocating half of the time allotted to A-zu-ra for expansion and polish. After a slight confusion, Clockwerk clarified that he was late to the compo and uploaded a piece he made the night before. Duosis showed up to pay tribute to the late Donna Summer through a remix of “I Feel Love” containing occasional chemical breaks. At the end of the listening party DucksUnlimited offered “Your Mom”, an off-kilter electronic piece that encapsulated the zany nature of the night.

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