Friday, April 6, 2012

The Nyan Games

Double’s Dash Compo 14 continued with its new rule of adhering to a theme for participants to follow: In addition to collaborating with a songwriting partner that night, entrants had to write a song about intimacy and closeness. The two teams each tackled the challenge from contrasting perspectives: “Wishy Washy Relationships” is sexually explicit while “Hugging Time” dealt with brotherly affection. SDCompo also completed its 65th round with a handful of submissions adhering to the samplepack and tracker requirements established on the site’s rules. Battle of the Bits had a fair amount of competition activity over the last week as well, including a “KLINK” battle based on a pack, and a “Spring Tracks” compo forbidding cover versions of any kind. 

People’s ReMixing Competition 215 fared well in terms of remixes submitted, with three entries. For the round two Phoenix Wright source tracks were selected, and contestants were encouraged to rearrange both. JerryTerry intended to remix only one, but settled on an amalgam of both by starting off on mellow piano and building to a degraded electro beat. For his first remix Darren Schwinghamer tacked the material with an orchestral spin, which proved to be more difficult for him with software than using the acoustic instruments. A wild Chickenwarlord appeared and worked out a quick entry due to time constraints, introducing a new set of lyrics. 

OLRmageddon LIX featured “Batman” as its theme and had the additional stipulation that entries include a self-made drawing of a villain conceived by the entrant. Thus the music and the drawing would be voted upon separately. Dwelling of Duels had its jingle month that focused on the shorter video game tunes of the world, and perhaps as a result the turnout was smaller than usual. The Street Fighter compo World Warrior Remix Royale began the voting stage for round two of the Hadouken Bracket, which had remixes from Ghetto Lee Lewis and OA leading to a close vote. On Sunday LLCompo Battle 11 fell upon April Fool’s Day, which was acknowledged in the description but was otherwise not a part of the round’s “Anime” theme.

JHCompo on Tuesday took participants on a perilous journey as “The Messenger” to deliver a package on time. SonicThHedgog preceded the festivities with a JHC advertisement of his own creation on his SoundCloud page. With a bed of synthesizers, MandraSigma sent his bad news successfully and ended on a tempo slowdown. Shadix made his “Interstellar Distress Call” braving a bevy of asteroids, cosmic strings, and other things that are probably in space. SonicThHedgog made a 911 call by way of ambient electronics and some familiar video game sounds, followed by some electronic. Finally Duosis delivered late and pitched some sample-loops to set a mellow mood lasting a little over a minute. 

Thursday’s OHC brought back the ghosts of days gone by with its “Haunting Past” theme. Unlike the last few rounds, the night was without an introduction by The Stuff of Legends. Instead the listening party started off with “The Haunting White Boy Rap” by LOLitslewis putting together sub-bass, a drum machine, self-deprecating lyrics and a Nyan Cat exit. A number of newcomers joined OHC, including Gottvich with gritty ambience and blastron using copious amounts of reverb. The round was also home to longtime veterans: Arcana's submission made use of strings and oboe; sci bounced along the dancefloor with vocal samples; and DDRKirby(ISQ) fittingly sent along a re-imagined Kirby’s Adventure tune. At the end of the party the_lulzorz disqualified himself when he indulged in a “Nyan Hop” bathed in breakbeats, thereby creating a bookending effect.

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