Thursday, November 10, 2011

Volcanoes Make Better Lovers

People’s Remixing Competition 206 had a set of confusions, but persevered with a single entry. Due to an oversight, the Xenogears source selected for remixing had already been covered on OverClocked ReMix, and therefore ineligible for the round. Incidentally the error was pointed out by Rexy, who previously had been the organizer of PRC. After the track was pulled, a different Xenogears composition was put in its place. In addition, Daylight Savings Time affected the deadline in certain parts of the world. The sole participant AlexSmith took the orchestral source material and paired it down to delay-piano wrapped in a sparse beat that lends itself to a chill sound.

JHCompo on Tuesday saw the return of F4T4L in the chat and several regulars as participants. That night’s theme was “Mountain Peak”, which may or may not have been done in a previous week. The pads in Amphibious’s track bring to mind distant Mellotron flutes, while the piano arps and hi-frequency synth easily convey the chill of a summit. irrelevnt nailed the theme using a different tack: by muttering various mountain-related things whilst guitaring. Jakesnke17 served up his tribal drums with a bevy of strings as he traversed his way “To the Top”. StatusD once again created an expansive medley of dance rhythms, this time using usual meter and totaling over 7 minutes. Finally coda put up a bright electronic tune after a last-minute name change; he noted that “hill of cu sith” was perhaps worse than his original song title.

Thursday’s OHC featured a particularly verbose description for its “Speedy” theme, which allowed me to record a soliloquy ending with a CSI Miami-style pun. Zovi expectedly sped up his tempo until his track became a wall of noise, and threw in some trash talking text for good measure. Tomapella admitted that his entry resembled his previous one, but pressed on with improved instrument sounds. dusthillguy insisted that no one steal his song despite it being based on a sample, which itself is sent into a grinder. RAMPKORV apparently referenced the chatroom discussion on female height, and again made his piano tune without being able to hear it. Serisium got some good use out of an orchestral VST, going through the selection of instruments and ending on a lone violin line.

sci's track steps on itself from the very beginning and hangs on a particular word for half its duration, then sprints at double speed to the end. DarkSim worked frantically around a percussive chord progression topped with panned wub-wubs featuring Emunator. DDRKirby(ISQ) went with speed in the drug sense, showing off his 8-bit dance music to anyone who dared look inside his trenchcoat. Suzumebachi intended to make a song about horses, but opted to hop on a chocobo instead as used a samplepack to that effect. Foozogz saw the "Speed" and decided on speedcore, thus ripping the high end of the soundscape with distorted beats. General Mumble nearly missed the start of the listening party and plopped synths that may very well have been spun at speed before a dizzy breakdown. 

Vector strummed for sixty minutes, and shaved it down to just over two; he made up for this shortness with a particularly long track title. jarski effectively portrayed the theme by making head-bobbing fast electro, gaining infinite mass as he accelerated to light-speed. Usabell wrote down his detailed explanation for his entry and used the power of electronic nostalgia to reach the finish line in under 12 parsecs. MandraSigma composed with a distinct set of sounds in his attempt to be "Faster Than Imagination". munchi served up R&B with a jazzy flavor, with the prospect of lyrics in a future version. At the end the night, Destroid looked into my medicine cabinet and had a trip with layers upon layers of layers.

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