Thursday, October 13, 2011

Within the Extreme

Mirby’s ReMixing Bout 003 managed a turnout after two rounds of inactivity. This time the compo featured Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as its source material, and a pair or arrangements were submitted. The organizer Mirby encouraged the participation of Obtuse, who in turn coerced Mirby to create an entry herself. Obtuse’s remix starts off with piano arpeggios and strings, joined later by harpsichord, woodwinds; the “Medieval Beach Castle” vibe resumes with a more rhythmic backing as the source becomes prominent. Mirby submitted an entry that begins with a sole pad and builds with other instruments; unlike some of her previous compo material, a steady tempo is established that keeps the arrangement consistent. 

People’s Remixing Competition 204 served up two sources to remix - Call of Duty: Black Ops and Super Hang-On. Despite this, only one entrant submitted in the time allotted, thereby gaining first place by default. Xsquader admittedly put his remix together in “about a hour” giving the “Winning Run” theme from Super Hang-On a grittier, moody edge. The compo admin Bundeslang jokingly stated that Xsquader won by “infinity points” and thanked him rescuing the compo round from having zero entries. 

JHCompo on Tuesday featured “Let It Out” as its theme for the night, and I made a point of making the description ambiguous. Naturally one of the first assumptions was that it had to do with flatulence. Obtuse let out “some 80s gas” by way of vintage-sounding synthesizers and an unrelenting drum loop. bjkmenu was the first of the listening party to equate the theme to the Baha Men song, thus performing a cover version in his distinctive tongue-in-cheek style. mv went “All Out” and uploaded a lush trip-hop number with lyrics such as “Accumulating the sighs of a million wimps.” coda answered the Baha Men by stating “i let the dogs out” thereby satisfying his usual canine quota for the week and composing something that may have been inspired by a Sega soundtrack. mu provided a series chimes that served as an intermission for the evening, followed by a distant holler.

irrelevnt’s waveform image alone conveys the gradual intensity of a “barf” and was titled as such. StatusD let loose his hardware synths once again, telling the two-part story of a scientist escaping from his mind and later “doing serious ****”. At the end of the listening party, SonicThHedgog’s “YAHHH!” sets it mood with a clean, delay-affected electric guitar that erupts to a session of shreddage. Two entrant brought up the rear that night: TheoryOfN continued his collab with the mysterious entities Storm Moore, B-Ri, and Mr. Bird, and added a new member MC JC to the hip-hop troupe. Right before the curtains closed, Dj RoboRob shook SolidComposer off of its foundation by creating an extensive dance tune with perhaps the longest buildup section ever submitted to the site. 

Thursday's OHC had a shorter-than-usual theme description, prompting me to put my vocal narration through the Songify app. The two following entries were the result of time constraints: DDRKirby(ISQ) created "funktatious junk" ahead of the round not knowing whether he would be able to attend otherwise; Arcana sent along a piece made in twelve minutes due to visiting guests that he tended to that night. CJthemusicdude chose to cover an unidentified piano composition heard in a YouTube video, promising "10,000 internetz" to anyone who could identify it. Obtuse venture to the 80s again although in this instance it was "in Asia Somewhere" and thus explored exotic scales. LuketheXjesse failed to disappoint in sending along walls of metal as well as a left-turn sound clip outro. Hapi-San named his bassline-centric electro track per Luke's suggestion, submitting his first ever OHC composition. Suzumebachi's staccato bass strings form the basis of a hypothetical film score, tailing off with a 3-4-5-1-8.

General Mumble felt free to experiment due to the nature of the theme and fired off a searing arpeggios leading to breakbeat and eventually a edgy melodic buzz. sci seemed confused about the concept of his own tune, but nevertheless put up ambiance that ends with a spastic fit. Forty-Two warned that his entry may have been too soft, but it picks up steam as drums and pianos fill out the soundscape. A low groan occurs at the outset of Usabell's submission, establishing a gloom that is lifted as a dance beat propels it along. munchi played with his vibraphone accompanied by timpani and a lo-fi lead and cluster of percussion before a more convention kick drum settles in. SupaSpeedStrut's hiss and crackle pervade his "distorted stand-up bass" backed with a headbobbing beat. Finally Shadix fortold the coming of a rift in the heavens that may or may not annihilate the planet with choir, acoustic drums and jazzy bass.

At one point in the week I was witnessed a conversation regarding events that predated my presence in the arrangement community. While it felt alienating to read about a past I wasn't a part of, it made me realize that the time I've spent here has had an effect on my life, if not others. As time goes on, our present events become anecdotes to look back and reminisce upon.

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